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    H3 Marine Group Project

    Awsome jobb! you guys will be kicking some covenant ass :)
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    Marine Armor Materials?

    Hi people! Im try ing to make a marine armor set but i dunno what materials i will use. Plz come with suggestions and tips! Is cardboard a good material? Is there any "easy workable" plastic? Is there a list of stuff i need to have before making a helmet/body plate?
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    Helmet Problems

    Nice helmet :) what is it made of? Im noob i know ..... :p
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Anton (AKA Huskatt) Profession: Student and working on a cafe Age: 16 (92-09-16) Favorite Hobby: Playing on Xbox Live and sports. Favorite part of halo: The ending in Halo 3 :) Favorite Halo: All of them :p Favorite Video Game: Halo,Gears of war 2 and Oblivion. Other Interests...