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  • Hi I'll try to answer here.
    Chest: flying squirl. Measure from arm pit to arm pit for this one. The armor is suppose to be cut in half when done so take half the neck and slid it around yours, if it touches don't worry it can be trimmed when your done.

    Helmet was by DF4L from the wiki site. I use the width for this and all my helms. Measure you head from ear to ear straight through you head. Sounds odd but i placed my head on a peace of paper and placed a pencil on my ear. Mark the paper and repeat for the other side. Add 3" for padding and that is you base measurement. Now you need to look at the 3d model and find the widest part, for MC it is the cheek area. I figured 1 1/2" from the visor to the outside of the cheek so I added another 3" to the measurement and plugged that number into the width in pep designer.

    To resin do small areas in thin coats and let dry.Once the hole thing has it's first coat then add 2 more good coats.
    If you need any more info let me know.
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