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I'm back! After a many years of being MIA I have finally come back and plan on staying active from here on out. Some new things have happened since I left which include graduating High School and going to college to get a degree in Computer Information Technology. There will always be a special place in my heart for gaming, and it is my hope to work in the gaming field someday!

I feel that I have a bit more experience this time through, and I am planning on make some suits for some buddies of mine to go to Comic Con with or maybe just troll the locals, who knows?

My personal favorite Halo game is probably gonna get some hate, but I would have to say it is Halo Reach. I say this for a few reasons. This game was really the first Halo game that I ever played multiplayer on a daily basis for, which ultimately really got me into gaming all together. The story was good, the multiplayer was decent (before 343 ruined it with all their custom forge map looking garbage), and most importantly the custom games were lit!

I am looking forward to the progression of the Halo Series and am especially looking forward to my future in this forum! Thanks for making a gamer like myself's dream of being in the footsteps of our favorite characters possible! (or as close as it can get)
Jun 27, 1997 (Age: 26)
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