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  • I googled it and it popped up. I guess I got lucky? I could email you the file if you like, I still have it.
    Whats up Dude:cool:

    You posted on my thread asking for some photos of my MA37. Thanks for your interest in my project. Sorry i havent posted any photos yet, I am still in the early stages of making this MA37 and am still collecting the necessary supplies. so unfortunately i havent taken any photos because there is nothing to take photos of. unless you want some AWESOME photos of blueprints, reference screenshots, plastic sheets, card stock, super glue, epoxy, spray paint, air brush paint, Enamel Paints, bondo, epoxy putty, smooth~on, wood, nut & bolts, LEDs, wires, ect.:D

    Soooooo. on that note.
    I will keep you updated.;)
    and hopefully have some photos of something worth taking photos of:p
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Halo, Parkour, Music, Bass Guitar, Drawing, Stencil Art, Photography...
Jan 28, 1994 (Age: 27)
Student:Cert IV Design at Enmore College


"...No one had to speak a word, for we all knew what the others learnt.
That everything we ever did was but a way to pass the time..."