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  • Hey, can i ask you something? Where did you get the pep file for the Helmet from the first dead space game? Because i've been searching and asking around and i cant find it anywhere, and im getting desperate. Any help would be awesome.
    iam not in the states because iam from germany ;)
    why do you looking for non american users?
    well, surprisingly, I've actually managed to complete the plates and get them sprayed off just in time for halloween... except I wasn't able to get the strapping on.. yet.
    aye... I'm still smacking through school, and trying to slap together a rough and dirty legacy-era mando chestpiece.. but no luck..
    hmm, gotcha... well, the MM board is pretty friendly to newbs.. but crafting a suit is just slightly more easier to build than a full spartan rig..
    aye.. parts going missing, random school papers popping up at the last minute, etc.. although the project is starting to morph into a Jorge suit.. since the Noble 6 helm is going wonky and the only other parts I have mostly in one piece are the bicep parts.. I take it that you are on the Mando Mercs board or TDH then ner vod?
    not much ner vod, not much.. currently working on a Noble 6 suit, though there's not much done beyond the helmet.. no pics or page yet.. I'm lazy like that.. what about you?
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