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  • Finally, updated my Profile pic with the new and improved Ex-ODST Spartan III from Reach. I loved the photoshoot at Youmacon. Looking to post more pics from that and HOD. After all this time: still haven't gotten around to that.:rolleyes:
    Well, darn it all: I AM BACK!! After a couple years of absence, I have made it back to the 405th. Now with a new Profile pic, with me in the armor. Yes it needs some paint work and also adjustments. Hopefully will be done by August for Halo outpost in Chicago.
    The profile pic I posted is my armor but not me in it. Awaiting a new helmet once I receive that I will take a new pic with me in it.
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Update 11/2022: Originally from MN, moved to PA. I continue to be in love with my Ex-ODST Spartan III Reach armor. I am also degreed in Meteorology from UND class of 2018. Did work for Weatherology in MN but have since departed. Currently working for Accuweather HQ doing radio forecasting. Still enjoy bowling, tennis, Pickleball and Racquetball. Have now suited up multiple times. HOD Chicago was my first boots down for 1 day. Then I hit up Youmacon in Detroit. I took a 1.5 mile walk for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Broke belt and the bottoms of the boot pieces (Both fixed). Then Twin Cities Comic Con first annual event in November of last year. Won the master craft costume contest category. Last boots down was Twin Tiers Comic Con with the Colonial Regiment November this year. Next for me: GalaxyCon and possibly Steel City Comic Con.

I look forward to continue being active on the 405th forums (even if I don't know how to make armor (only repair it, hehe, still love seeing projects). I would also welcome any ways that I can assist Colonial Reg.

Easiest method of contact continues to Facebook and email, will check here from time to time. Hit me up. :D
Feb 5, 1993 (Age: 31)
State College, PA
Radio Meteorologist
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Jeff N