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  • haha that's true, i make my guns out of foam too and ill agree, folding a helmet itself is hard work let alone a detailed machine gun turrent. what type of guns have you made? i wanna see 'em
    WOW! i was just browsing someones thread and I saw this picture of you and I gotta say your armor is very well done! especially the machine gun! I wonder how many peices of pepakura paper it took for that gun! i had the blueprints for the halo 3 missle pod and i counted a total of 80 pages! ANYWAYS... keep up the good work and keep on striving for greatness.
    Hey, we should enter as a group for a costume contest at Fan Expo! Hopefully there's other 405th members that are going in costume :p
    Your jorge suit came out sweet bro, been following your thread since i started mine. Top stuff!
    ah i have many years experience painting the foam, i used to work for a well known wargaming company and make tables out of the stuff all the time. a good cover is to mix powdered filler, the sort you normally add water to get it to the right consistency. instead of water use pva glue, make a good runny mix and paint it on over a couple of layers. the pva gives it a little amount of flex but gives it a good seal. we used this trick and then were able to spray paint without it melting
    I thank of truth, if it helped me much your explanation now if that can put the pictures a bit more in the Forum, foulbrood I like is your opinion on my attachments, I wonder if I'm missing something or see it well thanks again....

    te lo agradesco de verdad, si me ha servido de mucho tu explicacion ahora si que puedo poner las fotos un poco mas grandes en el foro , loque me gustaria es tu opinion sobre mis attachments , quisiera saber si me falta algo o lo ves bien gracias otra vez....
    There is my friend i would like to make you a question in that way must put the codes or photos for which is see as is te you see on the screen, by please explain you what appreciate

    hay amigo mio me gustaria hacerte una pregunta de que manera hay poner los codigos o las fotos para que se vean como se te ve a ti en la pantalla , por favor explicamelo te lo agradeceria muchisimo
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