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    MA40 Nerf Blaster, **early hands on**

    Seems like prices recently went up $20 most places on these. I have it on good authority that one of these will be under our Christmas tree. Actually youngest son wanted one as well. My wife thought it was pretty funny that both of us said the same thing independently when she was...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
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    Knife making continues.

    Great work! Nice contrast in the Damascus, what’s your steel mix? If you ever want some TX/US woods for handles, let me know. I have AZ Ironwood, mesquite, agarita, and several others. Everything is stabilized, except the ironwood. Not sure what import laws you have on wood, though.
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    The Happy Side of Social Isolation

    Right there with you! 51 and I'm lucky to get 5 hrs sleep per night.....and I pay the price! I also took advantage of ignoring TV and social media. I've been cleaning out the garage and going through boxes of stuff we packed up for moving two houses ago! I've found almost all the old specialty...
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    1st Build Noble 6 from sheet aluminum

    I've been working on bladesmithing projects trying to get ready for the last big knifeshow of the year, so I haven't done much on this. After the 14th, I'll shift into overdrive on the armor and my MA-40 in 6.5 Grendel cal. I *did* get some stuff to help out with the helmet, though. I bought a...
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    Noble 6 Helmet

    I just got a resin Noble 6/Mark Vb helmet from Icon Props to help my brain figure out a metal armor build I'm doing. I'll be doing at least two Noble 6 visors. I'll be making a small vacuum table to hot-form the visor based on some youtube links that were posted here on the forums. I'm using the...
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    I’m a movie star again!

    Yep, 2018, season 4, episode 15, the Gladiator Scissor. I was 80 lbs heavier then.....not the lean, mean Spartan I'm becoming now! Hah!
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    I’m a movie star again!

    Ok, we’ll maybe not a movie star, but this week and the next few week’s featured bladesmith on a series of “get to know your bladesmiths” YouTube productions. Phillip Shrei, another Forged in Fire contestant, is doing a year long video project visiting a ton of bladesmiths and interviewing...
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    Need help with attaching pieces!

    For medieval breast/backplates, we usually overlap the steel over the shoulder and use buckles on leather. That wouldn't look right for this, though. For what you have, I'd just use hook clasps under tension on either side of the ribs on the inside and keep the front/back sections as assembled...
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    1st Build Noble 6 from sheet aluminum

    Got patterns done for the thighs. I started with the pepakura files here on the forum. Taking a best guess at stretch rates of the aluminum, I taped them together to make flat patterns for the 0.080" 6061 aluminum sheet. I then cut them out using a jigsaw for roughing them, then the bandsaw to...
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    The Happy Side of Social Isolation

    We normally travel a LOT as officers in some organizations. Not having done so since March has saved the family a crapload of money to spend on better things. It's freed up most weekends so I can go kayaking, hiking, critter catching or whatever else with my boys. My wife works as a math...
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    1st Build Noble 6 from sheet aluminum

    I pulled out all my steel and dusted it off. I put together a quick video of most of the tools I’ll be using for this. I’ll be using 16 ga mild steel for the helm, 0.080, 0.063, and .125” aluminum sheet for the bulk of the armor with small pieces getting milled from bar, and some 0.032” 4139...
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    Vacuum form

    I figured someone would have a post on this. That's incredibly more simple than I imagined to build one. Is this one of those things that takes an afternoon to build the equipment....and a decade to figure out how to get good results from it? Looks like it'd be fun to mess with one. I have some...
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    ADAWG99's 3D Printed Mk V Armor

    I love the legs in that composite pic! Those would be much easier to form from metal and look a lot more comfortable to wear.
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    Just a completely normal Hayabusa build

    Nice! Good to see other steel workers here! I was originally doing my helmet in aluminum, but am now switching to steel. I'll be mostly using 16 ga thickness (~1.2 mm) and will come in around 7 or 8 lbs. Pretty similar to medieval helms I have, actually a little lighter since I use 14 and 12 ga...