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  • The H2 ODST chest should come down to around the bottom of your rib cage. It'll be a few inches above your belt.
    Hey I made a Halo 2 ODST at the start of the summer and Don't know if I did the scaling right, where would the botton of the torso peice be on the front.
    Hey Loess! Sorry we had to miss you at GenCon, hopefully next year! Could you possibly tell me which camo variant you bought for your ODST? I am debating right now betwen urban camo (digital) and city camo (traditional)... It would be for an ODST trainee outfit that would consist of the WE ARE ODST trainee shirts from the clip, camo B.D.U.s and possibly some of the leg armor. My email is grace@pillarofdawn.net Thanks!
    Hey, just wondering if you would still cast one of those antiques gas nozzles for me. my email is fabercharlie@mail.com
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