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    Help With Finding An Administrator

    well, he contacted me first. The difference is I have caps and a space. Oh well I guess I can deal with it. Thanks, now I know where to contact admin for the future.
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    Help With Finding An Administrator

    Ok, this is my predicament. When i registered there was another guy who registered with the same name. It was just accident. So how can I get in touch with an administrator. There not on the member list i don't think or I can't find on.
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    How did you find us?

    I searched for Spartan armor kits. I've Heard of nightmare armor from Comicon and Halo 3 release on G4 tv.
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    Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

    Sorry, I'm a noob, so post non-important questions here? Sorry
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Matt or Delta 38 Profession: None at all Age: 14 going on 15 Favorite Hobby: Games,sports, and costuming Favorite part of halo: The plot to me is epic like Star Wars, Its a whole other universe. Favorite halo: The trilogy Favorite video game: hmm...I'm not vary specific on titles just...
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    Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

    About Pepakura, can it run on a mac? Also can you use a different type of resin and just fiberglass it with the fiberglass mesh?