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  • Hey, I'm looking for a Longshot pep. You don't happen to have the one you talked about in this thread, do you?
    it did in fact help a lot. so when I measure the width, I actually get someone to help me measure from one shoulder ot another instead of just my chest?
    I just wanted to know if I could scale it, say like this: my chest is X mm wide, could I change the scale in pep designer for the foam torso to X mm wide and it actually be that number in reality? what I'm getting at is that a friend of mine built a MKVI helm, and it was wayyyyy to small, and I want to get this chestpiece right the first time, and not waste a whole lot of foam since my budget is at $0. lol
    hey! had a question: when you unfolded and foamed the ver 4, did you have to do anything special to the scale, or could it be possible to do the standard thing, and scale it according to your own measurements, like Halogoddess' scaling tutorial, and it be ok?
    hi mkshane haven't been on 405th for a long time anyways, could u give me thye thread for a ichigo hollow mask. i don't know if u know it but could u try to help me

    you dont now me Infact I dont think I've even been in the same thread as you but I was doing some searching and found a thread in the noob forum that you posted a revised Zero helmet I thought it pretty cool of you to do that so I tapped the link and boom no file available at this time just wondering if you could send me it or repost or something if it isnt to much trouble I would reallly apprieciate it.
    oh ya my Emal is you can send it there to.

    hi mkshane81. just wondering if u can give me the link to a halo reach mask. Sorry i cant go on my email now.So how i locked yeah just wondering can u?

    Eyeshield 671
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