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  • sorry for bothering you but i Was wondering where you been finding the Dawn under heaven Files? i've actually been hunting them down an i Can't seem to find them at all...im mainly wanting the Forearms cause their up to the Actual game specs an i've built 4 forearms but 3 times they failed an this last one just didn't work out so mind helpin a spartan out?
    yeah I know right!
    I'm going to be doing a Cortana halo 4 costume before I start on my Spartran and ODST armor
    but yeah, here is hoping my armors will tern out when it is all done
    I'm not too sure what style I should go .. it seems the foam method might be a good start but I'm not sure
    yo bro, you mind emailing me the forearms you're using? I'm doing the forearms next to have a little break from my chestpiece. ':p
    darn. lol I followed that tut, guess I'll just have to wing it. lol I didn't know if you used a template or not, but all the same. will post a pic of it when I get it done. Cheers! we're the only two people on this forum with COMPLETE hazop helms! good luck on the rest of your build!
    hey there! got my helmet, well, most of my helmet done, got the visor installed, but I needed the template for my etched design on my visor. do you have it?
    Hey, I saw you did hazops as well, looks great! I have a question though, how did you do your torso piece? for some odd reason whenever I scale it up to how wide my chest is in real life, the pieces don't fit on just one page anymore. Thanks if you have any suggestions/tips.
    Happy to help when it comes to unfolding. I changed a couple of things around for my build, but it's nothing that warrants a re-release. Good luck with your project!

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