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    Clear (Camo) Armor Build. Has anyone done it?

    We had actually talked about something along those lines but on the armor itself. We thought of applying a “frost” finish to the reverse side of the plates. Maybe a combination of both the suit and the armor plating having a similar effect.
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    Clear (Camo) Armor Build. Has anyone done it?

    Yes, exactly! We obviously don’t believe we can achieve full active camo effect, we are more on the novice side of crafting skills. But would like to have clear armor. Later we would figure out the under suit to help drive home the idea. We were thinking vaccum forming.
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    Clear (Camo) Armor Build. Has anyone done it?

    Greetings Spartans, My partner and I are planning to craft a H3 Mk VI armor, as the thread states, in clear "camo" style. I am making this thread to ask, has anyone crafted such a thing? We are interested in knowing what materials are recommended and techniques. Or if anyone else is interested...
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    Southern regiment patches

    Sign me up for 3.
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    Spartan Service Number Forum Member List

    S-517: Morgan (MorganWolfblood) | Spartan-II Class-II || Florida
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    Halo 5 Launch Events at Microsoft Stores

    I may be able to attend at the Florida Mall location. I don't have my armor ready however I may be able to go as "Master Chef".
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    Florida METROCON 2015!!!!

    I'm planning on being there for the week end hopefully, at least Friday and Saturday. Nothing clear for me yet. I need to see my finances and scheduling first.
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    I have had a similar idea, as for a program that does what the VISR system does in ODST, I am not too sure but I imagine that you'd need something like this... My idea...
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    Roll Call

    Name: Morgan Wolfblood (Oscar) Age: 24 Location: Haines City Occupations: Office Manager and amateur photographer Bio: Creativity and creation has always been at the core of everything I do. For the past 6 years I have visited conventions, photographing the works of cosplayers and admired their...
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    Props M6H Magnum from HALO 4

    That is one amazing prop! Very clean and one of the best I've seen myself. I hope you've had some luck molding it. I sure would love getting my hands on a raw kit of this. Keep it up, man!
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    Props FlyinPhil's fantastic thread of foamy weapon goodness- SAW is finished!!!

    Re: FlyinPhil's fantastic thread of foamy weapon goodness- Dual SMG's too! My Forerunners! You're an inspiration with your foam skills. I'm new to eva foam and I'm working on an armor now as well as some props and seeing what you've pulled off is a good motivation. Thanks so much for sharing.
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    What keeps the armor from sliding down or off

    Hey there, I'm a noob at this too but I know what you mean about the morph suits they seem very simple... Now I am going, on my project, with a compression shirt and pants for the main bit of the under suit. I'm of an average/athletic build so I think it will look decent this way. And looking at...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Oscar preferably known as Morgan Wolfblood Profession: Office Manager Age: 24 Favorite Hobby: Artistic Creation Favorite part of halo: The story, the reason I became a fan after nearly a decade of only playing Halo Combat Evolved Favorite Halo: Halo 4 Favorite Video Game: Halo 4 Other...