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    New Guy Incoming

    Good luck on your endeavors and welcome.
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    Emile build!!!

    Cool, are you going to do something for the visor.?
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    Marine Costume (pics)

    Nice I like the simplicity so you can do it for halloween. I take it you'll eventually make armor.
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    dang thats a lot of pieces!

    I just pick a Larger piece and build out
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    CQB Helmet And ODST Helmet

    I don't know where to get Add ons but the regular files are on :
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    New Recruit Orientation Video

    Thanks a lot it really helped me know what to do
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    Crusader (Hell Jumper)

    Yes let us see you build, do you have any ideas on what you want to do, may I guess and say ODST?
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    carter helmet build/ marine helmet build

    That is great just keep at it you'll go far
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    You want to use cardstock 110lb read the forum
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    halo armor

    May I suggest a friend who can help you along
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    Halo 3 SMG build

    You can't buy them [anything] you have to make it yourself. Personally I'm going to start making my ODST helmet with one of my friends. He'll be doing Master Chief's armor were doing our first ones together just to have the help.
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    Is A4 = 8.5 x 11
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Michael Carter Profession: Student Age: 17 Favorite Hobby: Minecraft Favorite part of halo: ODST Favorite Halo: ODST Favorite Video Game: Star Wars Arcade Game Other Interests: Star Wars Favorite Food: Casserole Favorite Band: Melanie Pain, The Films Favorite Movie(s): The Room...