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    Make a Armor Suit From Scratch By the 25th?

    ya chest, back, and the helmit was fun (greef) :mad: but have fun with it. hehe next a predator for Xmas day AVP2 openning hahahhahah
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    Make a Armor Suit From Scratch By the 25th?

    WELL WELL WELL, two weeks and HALO3 openning. and my armor IS compleat :p . made from wonderflex my plastik armor rocked and game stop loved me for it down @ south houston. and I was grate!!!
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    Make a Armor Suit From Scratch By the 25th?

    well im constructing my armor with 2 weeks and Im doing it with moor than cardbord so lets BOTH push to get I by the 25th truth be told I have NEVER tride somthing like this befor. :oops: SO NO reason NOT to TRY OUR HARDEST thats all one can ask of a person
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    Wonderflex is a type of thermoplastic that is shaped with heat. It's non-toxic too. used for armor and weapons. $40 gets you a 3' by 5' sheet of it. heat it up bend it "not right yet?" heat it again untill is good. layer it and it WILL BE ARMOR. but I have yet to use it this is NOTHING but a...
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    Mostly finished Master chief

    ok OK OKOKOK!!!!! :wowie: HOLY WOW!!!!!!!! :clap: ha thats the most "hell yes" thing I have seen all day week and so on. so wat Im trying to say IS "the force is SO VIRY with you!" :starwars:
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    Sean's Revised Energy Sword

    so were did u get the lighting in the sword and how r you defusing is? :Steve: ( im thinking of using wax papper)
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    Paper AT AT Resources

    ok SO im A BIG star wars fan and predator take a close 2nd place so I want an all out HALO scarib VS AT AT VS predator vs alein im making a scarib to scale with my ATAT and the halo mini toys thit will make some grate pix :starwars: :mrgreen:
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    More Halo Details - Update Better Pix

    WOW IM out for a little bit and...and...and WWWOOOOWWWW!!! OKOK so with so much diversidy thir will be people using paintball stuff as a spartan armor but I NEED to have a HALO 1 MC chest and light up BACK plate and helmet and I have YET to start on thos wow is it possible to get it done in...
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    it will give you the thousand mile gase of a soldger. looking out like that . untill you start laphing at wat you waching :hyper:
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    well i dont know HOW to GET them but the army uses so COOOOOOOL looking stuff there likr one sieded shades but there reflective for the projection but clear for you vison ( look @ ghostrecon) :dee:
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    Making the Helmet - Bungie Style

    there biger than I thout :roll:
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    start of a marine helmet and armor

    well I guess it needs to be if Im going to mod my paintball gun :rock:
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    start of a marine helmet and armor

    I will only make my MC halo ! armor to be paintball worthy :gun2: :gun3: :gun4: :gun1:
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    well I need some thing that will take jumps and paintball hits. YA IM HARD ON ALL OF MY STUFF. so fiberglass polyurathane is in my faver BUT Im just a noob to ;-)