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  • Back here at the moment but noticed my profile has changed. (Prof pics etc.) Trying to fix the issues. Thanks for the patience.
    Hi you all and thanks for visiting here. Just a quick note. I might not be able to be here for a while cos im moving away from my home. But thanks for everything and see you here someday. Over and out.
    dang, that sucks. we have limited internet where I live, so no online gaming for me. :( can it be played offline as in like a campaign?
    OMG I didnt even know that was possible!!! Props to you dude using xbox controller on PC, you deserve an award for that kinda of dedication!!!!!

    Gotta run now, going hospital.
    If you turn on the grunt birthday skull in reach they explode when killed so thats kinda like a suicide grunt lol xP I dont have the pc one unfortunately, but Im primarily a console gamer anyway so I doubt Id play it on PC, sorry :(
    Im five two ... thats two inches taller than a grunt :/ lol haha have fun!!! :D whats it like being a grunt lol coz you can be elite on REach online or multiplayer but Ive never seen a grunt on it lol
    I know how you feel, Ive been using a thick paperthat is slightly thinner than cardstock, which isnt ideal for the job, but I got used to it, when I used cardstock on one of the hand plates it was pretty weird for me lol, best of luck anyway, just try a small test patch of resin, if that doesnt work out maybe try glueing the joints with glue gun. For next pieces use glue intead and stop using the tape
    Ummm ... haha it did take me a while, but one night I stayed up till 3 am just to finish it, what I do is I build smallerparts then just put the whole thing together :/

    I use a glue stick to temp hold things in place then hot glue gun, once the whole thing is done I go back over the tas with glue gun just to make sure everything is relatively well stuck down.

    I would avoid using tape, no one on here uses it, plus there is the chance of it tearing or peeling off etc, glue is far more suitable for peping, I dunno how tape reacts to resin but glue seems to be the best means of peping. Resin doesnt stick to some things very well, like certain plastics, so there may be a chance the resin doesnt take well on the tape but I cant personally tell you or guarentee anthing. Keep going with it, maybe put a layer of glue (hot glue gun glue) over the tabs and creases and tape before resining. You could always do a small test patch, see how the resin takes to the tape.

    Best of luck
    Umm have you tried posting out of the noob area? Coz if you're new to the forum I dont think it lets you post out there, I havent had any troubles, sorry, but some of the other forums online are crowded/changing servers so things are chaos, have you tried contacting an admin?
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