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    FirePhoenix's helmet using Flying squirl's model ^^

    i know that flying squirrel did a great job with the pep file and it may be complex to make, but your work does it justice. Good job man. I just finished fibreglassing the inside of my helm and it goes solid but make sure your head can fit in the helm without scrapping the sides as when its...
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    Neil Blomkamp talk about Halo Film

    Just make the film look like the CG short clip of master chief using the bubble shield and create an entertaining plot and that'll be good enough for me
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    Legendary helmet fits if your a small guy

    lol i was so disappointed when i found out the helmet wouldn't be big enough to fit humans but your proof it does and as i have a small head for my height (i'm around 5'8) i can give it ago. It won't be too big a deal if it does'nt though as i'm really enjoying making my pep helmet using the...
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    Need a little help with Cellulose Thinner

    cheers for the help i'll just get some new brushes, unfortunately i live in the uk so theres no convenient walmart near me :p but i can go to the next best thing HOBBYCRAFT! yay.
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    Need a little help with Cellulose Thinner

    I recently started fiber glassing the inside of my pep helmet and have bought some cellulose thinner to clean my brushes; however the cellulose thinner seems to have little effect. My guess would be that the resin on the brush has hardened to a state that cellulose thinner can't undo. So...
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    how to clean up resin spills

    yeh go to town with the chisel and put some elbow grease into it :p
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    free xbox 360

    well then write up some information about your armor that would be beneficial to the website, not about scams
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    Custom H3 helm

    sorry to say i have no idea about the legality issues but what you've looks really good and i hope it becomes usable.
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    New Believe Ads

    i am loving these ads, though it'd be nice if they did an action one as well, cheers for the update
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    once the paper is cut out....

    each number corresponds to another of the same number on a separate piece or sometimes on the same piece i.e. number 1 matches up to a flap which also has a number one, 2 to 2, 3 to 3 etc This link should contain all the info you need,, but if...
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    CQB helm UPDATE!!!!

    very cool, can't wait to see the updates
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    Battle Damage Techniques (Special)

    Yes, brillo pad (steel wool) is what i was trying to say lol, my mind was drawing a complete blank on that one.
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    who want to play some PGR3

    lol you're too focused on halo PGR3 stands for Project Gotham Racing 3 and is a pretty good racing game.
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    Battle Damage Techniques (Special)

    to make silver scratches buy some silver paint, apply a light amount onto a wire scowl (a washing up thingy is the other way i would describe it) and brush lightly until desired effect. This worked well for me but use a test piece first to ensure perfect results. Also for a nice effects in...