Need a little help with Cellulose Thinner

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orange hero

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I recently started fiber glassing the inside of my pep helmet and have bought some cellulose thinner to clean my brushes; however the cellulose thinner seems to have little effect.
My guess would be that the resin on the brush has hardened to a state that cellulose thinner can't undo. So:

- should i leave the brush in the thinner for a set period of time to clean the brush?
- does the thinner need to be used asap after using resin?

any help will be appreciated, cheers
even if you put it in the thinner right away, you cant ever really get everything off the brush, that brush is history, just got to wal-mart or lowes, and pick up a pack of cheap brushes. (lets hope you diddnt ruin someone elses favorite brush!)
You're very kind to your brushes hehe. I usually just buy cheap ones and throw them away when the resin cures on them.

If you want to save them (mebbe the brushes are very nice!), I would recommend trying Acetone. Acetone is the probably the strongest consumer-grade solvent available (nail polish remover's main ingredient). From what I've read, it can be used to thin resin and clean off tools with resin on them. It sells fairly cheap at hardware and craft stores: Example Package
Depending on the size you get it'll be $5-15 (£3-8).

Hope that helps!

cheers for the help i'll just get some new brushes, unfortunately i live in the uk so theres no convenient walmart near me :p but i can go to the next best thing HOBBYCRAFT! yay.
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