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    Diy H.u.d.

    Hey all, I found this today, not sure where to put it on the boards so Noob Forum it a goes. :)
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    Finding The Right Pepp File

    Hey all. I'm creating a character for a horror host/variety show I'll be making. I've looked through a majority of the pep files on the boards here but I can't seem to find something suitable to what I'd like to make.
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    Non-Halo/non Iron Man Armor

    Could I post a pic of what I'm looking for? I don't wanna get in trouble for making a "request thread". -PiccaloJr.
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    Non-Halo/non Iron Man Armor

    Hey all. Found this board thanks to Indy Mogul. I've been looking for DIY armor for a while and Pepakura seems to be the way to go. My question is, do you guys know of any sites or forums that do generic or anime armor? I've done a bit of digging and can't seem to find any. I'm considering...