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  • Hay Psquiddy thanks for the complement my PC has been acting up some lately ya my kids loved them. I told them I was going to probably sell them on eBay and my daughter said how much money would she get from it I just had to laugh at her that would be my daughter. she wasn't as excited when i said I would be happy if it covered making her costume this year.
    "I am not yet dead!"
    but seriously.. work plus school, plus my parents planning my entire summer equals not much work getting done on the suit. More updates should be up today at some time, hope ya'll are still following it.
    Moar updat3s Haz B33n Po$7ed!!1!!!!

    But seriously, check up on the juggernaut, it's looking pretty sweet :D
    So basically I'm looking for any sort of work this summer in the general Orlando/central Florida area. I'll work for any price (within reason). My skills are in;
    -Digital art,
    -Electrical wiring,
    -Basic house construction and repair
    -Speaker and entertainment system wiring
    -A/V editing
    -Yard maintenance
    -and Heavy lifting

    Contact me at (239)-822-5417 or email me at Judahneu@gmail.com. Thanks for all your help!
    Really glad about the progress I'm getting done, and I'm really surprised by the level of support I'm getting! Thanks for being such an awesome community guys!
    Good morning. Got a little work done before going to school, High school sucks lol. Couldn't do anything major, just cut out a few more detail pieces and such.
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