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    Official meetup: Gamescon 2015

    yeah thanks to melanie we will be attending aswell :D so wayne berendhuysen, 08-08, will be there! seems like the euro-reg will have their meet-up real fast after its forming not too long ago ;)
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    Possible Plasti-Dip alternative for Uk members?

    been using the duplicolor/motip version called sprayplast so thats another (cheaper) alternative other than plastidip. its hella expensive here in the netherlands and the sprayplast one is cheaper and contains 75ml more so thats an easy choice
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    cons/ meetups

    Soon as the paycheck drops im buying :)
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    Halo 4 Master Chief Suit // Foam Buiild

    Re: Halo 4 mc foam build - first timer lookin reaaaaaly nice man!
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    Halo Reach Foam Armor Build *pic heavy*

    or when they want to "help" you
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    Halo Reach Foam Armor Build *pic heavy*

    i can relate to the cat hair dude :D
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    European Logo / Banner

    awesome work already boys :) cool stuff
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    cons/ meetups

    gotta wear something to the uber camping trip @ gamescon, there is always a way ;)
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    cons/ meetups

    games con sounds promising
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    First post First build

    damn, that looks pretty epic
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    My Carter Commando armor

    im missing the grenades that went sour ;) ive build a heartbreaker myself aswell, good luck on it!
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    Sealgair's road to Recon WIP *pic heavy*

    Nice! Buildjng a recon myself aswell but from 4 :)
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    [COMPLETE] Halo 4 Prefect Variant Foam Build

    Re: H4 Prefect Foam build The ol "armor selfie in bathroom" pictures :p looks good man!
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    Halo Reach Foam Armor Build *pic heavy*

    Looks good man, but keep those cutting knives sharp ;)
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    European Regiment Roll Call

    What's up EU-reg! My name is Wayne but my Nick here is Raigal, fairly new to the halo scene so don't have a set of armor yet... Only a pepped recon helmet so far but hey its a start [emoji14] 30 years of age and I'm an electrician/mechanic, always liked building/fixing stuff so prop making...