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    Westerfield Studios (owner Robert Westerfield Jr.)

    Where is a bit more to it. He modes the kit. Used the kits for Halloween and sent them back. There was some falt on my part. I should of sent the new parts of in a timely manner. So he got two suits for 40 days free rent and has all these nice things to say. Out of the hundreds of armours I have...
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    3d printing?

    I just got a 3d printer and started drawing... Sketch up. Not very happy with Sketch up.
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    THank you.....
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    2 weeks ago i did a 1965 Dalek and to day made the molds for an ODST helmet and a Beeky Warhammer 40K helmet. that is it right now.
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    Hi all. Long time no see... I have been down with Cancer for the last year and have just gotten back into the shop. I have seen some nice kets out there, looken good! Well that's it.
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    Daflea's Iron Man Build WiP

    Looken good
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    Thank You!

    Thank You!
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    Sexy Samurai Armor

    Sexy Armor Skull Front Sexy Armor Helmet Side Sexy Armor Helmet and Mem po Front Thank you for the Help!
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    Sexy Samurai Armor

    I will give it a shot Thank you for the help!
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    Sexy Samurai Armor

    Yea she should come to the studio next week for a fitting
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    Halo 3 VG Marine

    Back plate and Back lower straps "Under the Arm at the wast."
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    Sexy Samurai Armor

    I can not seem to get any pics to post. Help!
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    Sexy Samurai Armor

    The mold is of a size 5 the model is a size 2. She should have a bit of room all around. Good Call.
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    Sexy Samurai Armor
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    Sexy Samurai Armor