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    Reach ending scene/credits/etc. discussion *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    Ya, Six is most likely dead. But "Spartans don't die, they are just missing in action" I'd like to think that before that Elite stabs Six with his blade you hear the report of a sniper rifle and that Elites head turns to mist. What can I say I like a happy ending.
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    My WIP (Thanks to Brandon McClain

    I lucked out a few months back and won this awesome helmet from Brandon McClain on ebay and finally have gotten around to working on it. So here is what Ive done so far . LMK what you think. Thanks
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    GamerTag 405th:RoleKeeper Xbox:ROLEKEEPER Location:USA MD TimeZone:EST
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    Dude that thing is awesome, Id be interested even if I had to sell a kidney.
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    Dmr- Wip

    Dude, That thing is just awesome. I am a cop and I would draw down on someone carring that thing, It looks so real in the pics. Great Job.