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    Emile Build

    I did indeed do this a few years back! My build is at 98% accurate EMILE build finished pics 6-4 I get into some of the detail and reference stuff in there if you’re short of images- I went through what you’re going through with the pep file- you are right, that first one you made was...
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    Questions about plexiglass visors and vacuum forming

    First, don't use plexiglass or acrylic. Use petg. I can be found on amazon in 12x12 and larger sheets. Plexiglass requires pretty high temps to form and acrylic is very brittle after being formed (the reason I mention acrylic is lowes and Home Depot carry sheets of it, don't be fooled into using...
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    EVA helmet visor perfect solution?

    That could be done, but the process is ultimately much more difficult than just vacuforming. I did it with a cheap homemade vac table, if you have a shop vac already you could do it for less than 200 dollars in materials. Follow the link in my signature to see the process and the results.
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    98% accurate EMILE build finished pics 6-4

    Hey, sorry missed your comment! I'm hardly ever on 405th anymore so I miss that kind of stuff. The visor in the older posts is krylon gold paint lightly dusted and then followed by krylon looking glass. I like the look a lot, but it lacks in visibility. The newer helmet (professional shoot...
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    Destiny - The Last Word

    I would love to see more updates hugh, this thing is beast.
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    98% accurate EMILE build finished pics 6-4

    It's not as durable as a pep fiberglass build. Repairs are a constant. Speaking of wear... Here are some new pics of this kit!
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    Agent Locke Helmet

    I just reread the thread, but forgive me if I missed it- did you upload a version for 3d printing? This looks awesome, and makes me very happy (that I don't have to do this on my own)
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    Kirrou's Odst Build Wip

    Re: Kirrou's Odst Build Wip Whoa that's a 3 year necro man. 3 years.
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    Halo 5 Agent Locke Pre-game Build: Photo Updates and stuff!!!

    Re: Halo 5 Agent Locke Pre-game Full Build: HYPE! All Armour Pieces Built. 3 days to Looks so so good man. Keep up the posts
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    Phoenix Fireteam

    Was that the same night? Probably. Whatever I mean what I said.
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    Phoenix Fireteam

    hi, im in the area and id loooove to meet some big strong spartans. preferably some with previous military service and the knack for building the hell out of a mk v-b chest. hit me up for a good time!
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    Phoenix Comic Con 2015

    We are from all over the valley, I'm a west sider myself. Look for halo phoenix team on Facebook, you'll find us
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    Phoenix Comic Con 2015

    I'll be there as emile again. Just spent some quality time with fire team phoenix this evening actually...
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    Roll Call Southwest Regiment Introduction

    In the spirit of that post, here's new phoenix representing. Me (Emile) Roxyroo (noble 6) and miller925 (recon noble 6)
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    98% accurate EMILE build finished pics 6-4

    I was able to see- but in some lighting conditions it was... Difficult. That was a really quick and dirty paint method for the chrome and it could have been done more precisely. The new ones I'm making are much clearer than the original.