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    Dr who orange space suit

    Yes it is! Meanwhile all pieces are bolted to the helmet! I havn't bolted the pieces on the ear pieces yet though. i'm going to smooth these out first.
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    Dr who orange space suit

    Hey guys, I'm making the orange space suit from Dr Who! I bought a Scott Tornado T/Procap wich is the actual base used in the screenused prop. I also bought a new 3d printer. So i'm 3d modeling and 3d printing at the same time to get the pieces needed for this helmet! Here is what I have so...
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    High poly MKVI (halo3)

    It's going to be free ;)
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    High poly MKVI (halo3)

    It's bin like 5 years or so. Life happened and other endeavours. I now run one of the largest papercraft websites there are :p In the meantime. here is the model as it is right now! had some spare time to model some more.
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    High poly MKVI (halo3)

    Hey guys, long time no post! I'm currently working on a high poly version of the MKVI helmet from Halo 3. I'm making this using a subdivision technique. Currently just fleshing out the model. Afterwards I'll do the edges so it looks nice and smooth. Here is what i've got! This will be used for...
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    Pepakura tutorial youtube series

    New tut is up!
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    Pepakura tutorial youtube series

    Hi, i'll be making a wide range of in depth tutorials using pepakura and modeling for pepakura. here is the first tutorial of many to come. Tell me what you'd like to see in the next tutorial! I'll probably make an in depth scaling tutorial and even how to 3d model in Studio Max.
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    Regarding File Archive - Post-Move Edition

    Allot of the old files (pre halo 4) are still on the old pep index (allot of links are broken though) But this is a way to see which file was created wy whom. Pepakura File Index Also on my papercraft website » Halo
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    405th Community Software Update!

    Can't wait what the new forum will hold. Hope the pep files will be up soon again!
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    Halo 5 Helmets game rips

    Heya, I obtained some rips from Halo5. These are all the helmets. Feel free to unfold them!
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    pepakura and papercraft before 405th

    there hardly were armor peps back then. I actually started modeling low poly cars. The 405th really made this into a thing. First with the low poly rips from halo2. And not close after some pep dev's (flying squirl, Robogenesis, me) came allong to modify/model them. Because of this I actually...
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    cons/ meetups

    Here are some more that I know of. BE: Made in asia (brussels) Antwerp Convention (antwerp) Atsusacon (gent) NL: Tsunacon (rotterdam)
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    European Regiment Roll Call

    Rundown or Ben Aerens 23 Belgium 3d modeling/animation propmaking I'm a friendly guy who'd love to help anyone in their venture to propmaking. I'm more a techguy though. But i'm slowly adapting and making things myself. Facts, Made in asia, atsusacon, antwerp convention
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    File Archive Issues - 15/16 Feb 2015

    I will be updating the skyrim section this week. Still got loads to upload in there. Also might be opening a halo 5 section. Since the beta is out and all. Even i already started to model files from it.
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    Greetings from Holland!

    Belgium here ;) good luck on your build.