Dr who orange space suit

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    Hey guys,

    I'm making the orange space suit from Dr Who!

    I bought a Scott Tornado T/Procap wich is the actual base used in the screenused prop.
    I also bought a new 3d printer. So i'm 3d modeling and 3d printing at the same time to get the pieces needed for this helmet!

    Here is what I have so far (currently holding the pieces in place with tape)

    31882805_10214349527964994_8706012250747437056_n.jpg 31961130_10214350253143123_2609434572122750976_n.jpg
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    Is this the suit that Tennant uses in the episode: The Satan Pit?
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    Yes it is!

    Meanwhile all pieces are bolted to the helmet! I havn't bolted the pieces on the ear pieces yet though. i'm going to smooth these out first.
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    Very cool. Ten is one of my favorite Doctors, so, I will be following this with great interest.
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