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    Vacuum Forming

    how difficult would this process be, create armor out of cardstock, resin, bondo to add details, once piece completed vacuum form? also on the bondoing what is the process for that. do i just put the bondo on then go back with an exacto knife for details, or do i try to follow the form and...
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    Technique Question

    okay after some advice from you guys i think im gonna go with this process, pepruka (however its spelled), resin (sand resin to make armor smooth), clay (to add details) my question is from here where would you guys suggest i go with it?
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    MOLDAPALOOZA! (Lots of pics!)

    could you vaccum form the rest? to make a large set, what would be the drawback of that?
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    MOLDAPALOOZA! (Lots of pics!)

    i would also love to get prices if your selling.
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    Dilema please advise...

    i know this maybe a dumb question but is what in your mind is the hardest piece to make?
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    Dilema please advise...

    my cardstock stuff has come out really good the only thing i worry about is working with the bondo to add the details, im not sure i would be hapoy with the way the helmet looked if i just made a mold out of the cardstock and left it at that.
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    Moldmaking tutorials

    where are these videos you watched?
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    Dilema please advise...

    hey guys i jsut registered to this site but have been reading for weeks on the armor some of you have made and i am impressed by everyones efforts. first off i have a great thing working in my favor as far making my armor goes, my father-in-law makes orthotics and prosthetics and has tons of...
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    MOLDAPALOOZA! (Lots of pics!)

    i would love to have a detailed tut on how you did everything including materials, equipment and cost involved if one were to try and replicate what you did.