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hey guys i jsut registered to this site but have been reading for weeks on the armor some of you have made and i am impressed by everyones efforts. first off i have a great thing working in my favor as far making my armor goes, my father-in-law makes orthotics and prosthetics and has tons of molding equipment my problem is this i am a little stuck on the how i should go about things. i dont know whether to make armor out of clay and make molds, or whether to take the card stock route resin the armor and have my father-in-law make molds for me. i would really love some feedback from you guys.

on a side not i just wanted to tell you guys that i think it is great how you are always giving positive feedback on peoples armor, that rare to see in forums these days most people are dissin each other but i like the fact that from the best to the worst armor on this site no one gives a person bad feedback.
my cardstock stuff has come out really good the only thing i worry about is working with the bondo to add the details, im not sure i would be hapoy with the way the helmet looked if i just made a mold out of the cardstock and left it at that.
If you're going to be making molds from it, and you've fiberglassed it, I think it'd be strong enough to support a polymer-based modeling clay for detailing instead of bondo.
yeah, think i too need to get some of the polymer based clay for detailing, cause I dont think im good enough yet to get the detail i want in before the bondo hardens...
you could make the armor first from card, fiberglass it. When its dry make a mold out of it, so you can make it plastic and be able to make the armor quicker (i would assume). and you can make em different colors. good luck with what ever you choose.
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