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  • Sarah,

    Thanks for the wall, post, sorry for the double post... I hope the attentions is niiice. c:

    Hey, so, I'm trying to find a way to make the boots pretty durable and wearable, among high mobility and agility standards. Basically, a really versatile boot, and any pointers rock.

    Thanks dudette!

    *fanboy moment*

    You posted on my tread's wah-haall-alll-aallllllll.... c':

    Thank you! ^_^

    Your work is amazing dudette, don't ever stop! Ps.. your tut was awesome. Would you mind posting what your boot's strapping/securing system looks like possibly? Like... as MUCH detail as possible?
    Hey! just wanted to say thanks for the comment, and i watched your tutorial on bondo detailing and it was extremely helpful, ive been wondering how to build up bondo like that for some time now, thanks again!
    hey you, long time no hear from :) how is the build going? I have a little addition to my recon project in the works ;) partial inspiration from the one and only best EVA builder here... YOU
    Hello my Australian 405th friend, I just wanted to stop by and say your work is looking amazing! Hope your build is still going well for you guys!
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