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  • Hahaha, don't know if I'll ever make it over that far! I don't have any armor projects going right now...gotta take a break...I have to catch up on all the stuff I put on hold while working on the Kat suit :p!!!
    Nice, I am currently working on the forearms, check thread, but I caused a huge crack in the helmet... so i'm VERY far behind schedule. I'm not as quick as you my friend. Have you gotten to try and dance in your armor? I will try to spongebob, moonwalk, and do a few flips in mine.
    I don't even really get on FaceBook or anything like that either. I think this place is my facebook. LOL!
    Thanks so much, Man. I really appreciate it. I just got me a build thread started. No pics of work, but it's a start.
    What's your skype name? I have a couple of skype requests that I need to vett. Yours might be one of them. I've got my skype on tonight.
    Sorry mate, missed this message. I'll be around tomorrow afternoon/evening. I'll turn on Skype when I get home tomorrow afternoon after 5pm AEST.
    I don't remember ^^'. I have a whole catalogue of parts for this suit. I found it somewhere over here on 405th.com :)
    Sure mate. barry_40 on Skype. Just let me know what time you want to talk in advance, as I don't normally have it running and don't use it often.
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