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    hey. was looking for some good armor model sets. do u know where one would find some. im getting tiard of trying to model this stuff... lol.
    i try to download the hunter helmet {Locke} but i cant.
    can u help me whit that . thanks for ur time and sorry for bordering u .
    Sorry for late response. I'll get you a link for it tonight.
    Cont.... As for as what I want to do, I'm stuck between the two- Carter's armor from Reach and Master Chief's armor. Since Master Chief's armor has been in the works a little longer, I'll do that first. Got a pretty good idea of what it takes to make a set of armor. But first, I need direction on what files that I'll will need for Master Chief's armor. Seems that maybe different publishers or forum users have created there own files and posted them in threads. I could be wrong. If so, I would like the files that are most accurate. My first goal is to get the files and print them out. Then on with the folding process. With that being said, I'm really looking forward to hearing from fellow fans around the forum. Thank you and God bless.
    Hello everyone, I'm Josh. Happily married to my wonderful wife. She is also getting into Halo. I myself have been a big fan of Halo since its release in 2001. Just recently, I've decided that I would like to start making Halo armor and props. My time is limited due to current circumstances. But, I definitely want to put forth the effort towards completing a full set of armor.
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art, drawing, gaming, and hoping to get into 3d animation and sculpting
Aug 10, 1987 (Age: 36)
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