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    Thoughts on Halo Armor for Paintball or Airsoft

    Sorry, I read my post again and there was some stuff that I didn't think I really typed out very well, so I'm back for a second chance :) When I say that task 15 has high impact resistance strength, but also has good flexural (spelling?) strength, I mean that in thick areas it is super strong...
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    Thoughts on Halo Armor for Paintball or Airsoft

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forums but thought that I'd chime in anyways. I actually own a paintball business that prototypes/makes custom gun kits and accessories for paintball markers (guns). As a result I do alot, alot, alot of testing of handmade parts that I then make a silicon mold of, and...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Daniel Profession: Owner, Scenario Arms Paintball LLC. Age: 34 Favorite Hobby: Prototyping, designing, paintball, pc games, my wife. Favorite part of halo: The look Favorite Halo: 1 (I have only played the first Halo, then had to give up my consoles years ago) Favorite Video Game...
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    Just wanted to say hi

    First off.... you guys are awesome. For the past 4 years I have had my own business where I had been creating custom paintball gun kits. Everything was made/modded by hand, just me, some plastic, and a dremmel for hours at a time. Then.... I found the beautiful joy that is... "smooth on...