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    Kind of new here, just saying hello

    That is some epic modeling, my man! And welcome to the side of right and justice! (In the beginning, Art Andrews ruled over the RPF and saw it wasn't quite perfect, so he took over the 405th and saw that it was good.) XD :p
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    I need help

    For my master chief suit I used a combination of velcro and sew-on snaps, and they stay put perfectly. I'd recommend something like that.
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    Creating my own Spartan

    I made a Reach vanilla SPARTAN suit and was about to deploy it, but then I decided it needed more story and a new paint job and details. Writing out who my Spartan is was really helpful to me, and gave me a lot of ideas to improve the actual suit. You can check the thread out here...
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    Planning ODST Build - Questions about Templates (now a progress thread I guess)

    Im liking this bid. It's coming together really really well!
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    HOD Anaheim Saturday 405th Dinner

    If you need a "door knocker" or (possibly expended) flashbang grenade to scare him with, I know a guy!
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    Pepakura Another Caboose Build.......

    I like that show.
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    My first build - Halo 3 Master Chief

    Holy smackerel!! Be careful using the x-acto knife, man! That print is looking sick! Looking forward to seeing it up and running! And try not to cut yourself anymore!
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    Pepakura Another Caboose Build.......

    Time...OFF work??? ...You making that up???
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    Halo Reach Flexible Spine! And other build photos

    Ah, I see. I understand now! Yeah, that bucket is solid, for sure.
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    Halo Reach Flexible Spine! And other build photos

    Ditto. This build is really quite inspiring. Though, i didn't see much of your mentioned neck seal. Can we has pictures pleeze?
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    HOD Anaheim Saturday 405th Dinner

    Raise a glass there for me, boys. "REMEMBER MEEEE!"
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    Pepakura Another Caboose Build.......

    Legend says vacations are a magical place full of wonder and mystery, where fairies and gnomes do the work and we, the normal people, don't! At least that is what my grandfather told me. He had one once...
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    Foam Ranger's Halo: Reach Build

    Man, RandomRanger you're getting better with every piece! That last forearm is looking great! Kepp trucking along and pay attention to your details. You'll get T3 for sure if you spend that much effort on each piece. Don't get lazy!
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    Halo 3 Chief - "Finishing this fight"

    Sick! And I had that same ruggedized laptop at one point! Haha Wonder if you use yours the same way I did...
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    Custom Skyrim Nordic Carved Armor(Foam/fur/leather)

    Photo dumps are always good