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    Mountain Regiment Roster

    Well this is the best place for it!
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    3D Printed MK VI Master Chief

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    Reach Build 3.0

    I attached my belt pieces together first, then attached the nylon belt to then afterwards.
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    SPARTAN-501 "Jordan" Build

    Boy have I been there! Take your time with all those cuts; you want them to be clean and crisp edges. But yeah, that's a lot of cutting to do.
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    Forum Game - Caption This

    ^ Boy am I glad I was able to get up from that fall!
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    Forum Game - Caption This

    ^ Paint me like one of your French Special Operatives.
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    Reach odst shoulder

    If you want them all to stay away from page borders you'll need to do that yourself. Pepakura Designer will work for that. You'll have to separate the pieces into small enough parts and move them around a bit. You can just print it out, realign the pages so the lines match up, and tape them...
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    Mountain Regiment Roster

    It looks like all you need now is 50 posts. If I read correctly you're working on a suit right now? If you start a build thread, that'll get you your posts in no time!
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    Iron Man Mark 50 custom version

    Heat sealed foam can be sanded rough again, most of the time.
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Good to hear, man. Sorry to hear about the VA and their pill timeline. We're pulling for ya, keep your stick on the ice.
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    Mountain Regiment Roster

    Hello Chief1343! It's great to have you up and around. I'm not sure we have that many people active in the Nevada area. I know we have one in the Vegas are, but not sure how active. Mstruvmgc, I beseech thee! RISE!!! Says they haven't been active since April... not sure how quickly they'll get...
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Less interested in any files, more interested in your welfare, zombiegrimm, how are things going? Things got kinda rough a little bit ago I know, just checking up to see how you're healing.
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    Forum Game - Caption This

    Is this worth trying to caption? I can't decide...
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    Convention Game - Photo Challenge

    In my opinion the mediocre photoshop skillz are what makes it the most funny.
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    How can 343 help?

    Make the 405th infantry an actual unit in the next game, and name some of the characters after some our leading members: Fangs, Asgardianhammer, Dirtdives, Ashuraa, etc.