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    Hello Sean please could you help me am trying to get master chiefs halo4 full body armour to build in pepakura card but am haveing trouble getting the full patern could you help me am disabled aswell
    The forums says its your birthday! Soooo.....

    Happy Birthday!

    I know... I know... it's after Easter... but the ears are still attached!

    Yeah I am not really sure about the back part either. Though I have seen a few people use like knee pad strapping to attach them.
    DUDE!!!! AWESOMESWEETCOOL AMAZING! Hey, they work just fine now, thanks a ton! I really appreciate it!
    I just sent you the email with both files to Enjoy man. And let me know if you have any other problems.
    Hey man just send me your email and I'll email you the files. They are really small. Oh and your not bugging me btw. I really like it when people use my pep files.
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