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    Dan's finished helmet. Thanks to...

    Amazing the only thing you could of done better is make the helmet bigger. Looks small on you.
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    Joining the Military

    Well it's like a FPS but with better graphics but I head if you die there are no spawn points!
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    Vader pep files

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    M6D Pep Pistol

    Send it to me:
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    Project ODST

    Host it on some other site and link us.
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    resin help

  7. S I go again. (Potential scrap...questions inside)

    Bondo can be used for detailing and for shaping you helmet such as making it more round. I think it's best to do a little shaping with bondo then just sand it down with 80 grit sandpaper to get the nice roundness.
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    Armor that can take a point blank attack...

    Are you talking about pepakura? Sorry, I'ma nub.
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    Pepakura Molding

    Depends what part you are doing. What type of mold wont stick to body filler?
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    Tinted Painball Mask?

    How do you put it on the helmet itself? I will most likely be using a plastic mold.
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    Printable Pepakura Weapons

    How big did you scale it to and where did you get thy file? Aye Matee
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    Tinted Painball Mask?

    I don't see anything that is tinted enough. It is quite a light tint.. Anything darker? EDIT Found this but how would I remove the lens?
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    Pepakura Molding

    I would like to mold my pepakura suit when I'm finished with it. Questions: How may layers of fiberglass are needed so the pressure will not kill it? I want to make it like Adam's ODST helmet, how would I do that? What materiels are needed? Sorry if, this has been posted before.
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    Pepakura Plasma Pistol: WIP **Update 10/23**

    Nice you should glass and paint it!
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    Tinted Painball Mask?

    I know it may be a crazy idea of making a paintball suit but I know materials that hold up but the visor. I'm going to go hunting for one but what can I possibly use to stick it on? EDIT What about just wearing goggles? Will paint be washable off the visor?