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    Jin-Roh Armor

    Ok got it . Will remember to do that next time.
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    Jin-Roh Armor

    Hello, I'm looking for jin roh files around here to make at home. I tried opening you files but it keeps saying empty. Can u resend them?
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    Jin Rog cosplay pepakura files

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some Jin Roh pepakura files that I wanna build next! Does anyone have these files? Thanks
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    gundam rx-78-2 cosplay

    Thank you! is it ok if I can message you if I need help on creating the suit? I'm going to make it out of foam
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    gundam rx-78-2 cosplay

    I live in the USA in Nevada
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    **Official** Gundam Pepakura File Thread

    hello, im trying to build a gundam suit through pepakura and for some odd reason it wont let me download. Is it possible to send it to me through email? Thanks
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    gundam rx-78-2 cosplay

    Anyone got a gundam rx-78-2 pepakura file? I'm trying to build a suit for myself in the future
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    Halo3 Master Chief armor pepakura file?

    Hello guys, I just wondering if anyone got some halo 3 armor files from pepakura. If so, hmu. Thanks, Silent.
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    got any Destiny players on Xbox One? HMU if yah interested

    weekends normally, but im free whenever. Add me on xbox if you like, its nazarite001
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    got any Destiny players on Xbox One? HMU if yah interested

    Anyone got Xbox one peeps to play?
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    Master Chief - Mjolnir - Mark 6 - Halo 3 - 3D printable armor files

    Can you size it up for a person that is 145 Ib and 5'8?
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    Halo 3 master chief 3D print file ZIP

    does anyone have a halo 3 master chief file? Im 145Ib and 5'8 feet