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    Project: MichaelMau5

    Acrylic dome is mapped out, mouth needs work, ears and eyes will come soon. I've done these measurements based on the actual measurements released by Deadmau5 of the original head. Five inch space between the eyes, two inches between bottom of eye and mouth, two inches between neck hole and...
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    Schizophrenicmc's Odst Wip

    Ay, I will in fact post in here. ;) Might I add, you know too much! By the way, nice progress on the suit, bro. Better bring your helment over here once you have everything installed and finished.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Setup

    Question. In the earlier post, the jacket was ordered by height if I'm not mistaken. Is this the same way with the link Baby posted? Wouldn't want to buy a jacket medium sized and have it come up to my ribs :p As for the mask, I'd just buy a ribbed balaclava and paint the skull on myself...