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    HALO 3 PEPAKURA By Slyfo

    sry man, no intention of de crediting you, thanks thou, I'm sure this will be useful,
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    HALO 3 PEPAKURA By Slyfo

    hey fightstar, is that helm you just posted all scaled and everything, if i just print it direct from that file will my pep turn out alright, or do i need to mess with it at all. If so is there any tutorial on how to do that. I know there is the how to properly scale pepakura thread, but it...
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    HALO 3 PEPAKURA By Slyfo

    i belive it's patienCe not patients, unless ur a doctor of some sort, second, slypho, great work man, but do you have instructions for the noob to pepakura of how to scale this stuff specifically the helm
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    ghost of onyx

    k, few things bout this book, SPOILERS BELOW. 1. why wasn't master chief in it, i loved the book, but needs more of our fav 2. why did like everyone die, i was hella pissed that kurt died, i was like wat the ****, and all the other people kept dying trying to save eachother 3. eric...
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    awsome halo 2 hack- DUAL WIELD PLASMA SWORDS!!!

    this isn't difficult at all, if u have a modded xbox, c a bunch o people have already made programs to mod halo2, ages ago, so all u have to do is press a button, this was just done on dothalo (a modding application) all u do is select the sword and then in the tag editor, choose dual wieldable...
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    MY 2 CENTS

    i get what ur sayin, but i mean like when they do big things they have to be animated, like ships, and scarabs, i mean peter jackson did king kong didn't he, and u sure felt the sense of weight and reality in kong and those dinos, that scene was tight, and i hope the movies long like king kong...
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    I Hope this was the right forum, Halo Guitar

    wat kinda paints should i use
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    San Diego HALO Fan Film !!!

    if you need to make this movie epic (ha i love that word) and on a cheap budget u can get big scenery shots and vehicles and large structures all with computer animation with stationary stuff where it doesn't have to be moving animation, its a million times easier, u can make still shots and...
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    Painting my Westerfield Armor

    dang man, good weathering love the sandy look, but there is a definate bold line between the weathered and unweathered part of that shin armor, (i think thats what it is) is that gonna stay like that or is there more weathering to be done, jw
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    Another Assault Rifle

    is that polystyrene or just regular styrofoam or that weird almost plastic styrofoam, all of them are extremely hard to sculpt, the sty crumbles and the poly smells awful when u use hot wire tools, and the weird kind will ruin ur tools cause it has slivers of fiber in it, but looks like u got it...
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    New cardboard king?

    that guy has some skill
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    Making a Helmet - New Tutorial

    umm, i cant see any of the pics, can u repost em pleaseee
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    MY 2 CENTS

    k so there is all this talk of the halo movie being on and off, and frankly i'd be pissed if they canceled it, first off, its in everyones best interest to make the movie, the increase in fans, and potential buyers would be huge, they would have a huge franchise campaign to make money off...
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    Brute Model

    whoever did it has sum skill, but the knees look skinny
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    Guy has no life, racked up 1200 games on Beta so far

    200 hours in what was it open for like 2 weeks or sumthing, thats a lot of time in no time