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k so there is all this talk of the halo movie being on and off, and frankly i'd be pissed if they canceled it,

first off, its in everyones best interest to make the movie, the increase in fans, and potential buyers would be huge, they would have a huge franchise campaign to make money off of, secondly, they better take their time and do it right, i wanna see like 30 spartans in full armor, glistening in the sun, reflecting off their visors, and zooming out to see the whole battle scene with vehicles and fliers and cruisers and covenant, and everything,

1. I would rather they take their time and have it come out in a 2 years then rush it and have it out in 6 months, cause it would suck

2. Find the right cast, i dont want the rock or vin diesel being the chief

3. Find a good sergeant johnson, someone that we can laugh at for their sarcasm in the middle of a battle scene. (The original alien movie had a good black guy sergeant that did the job, halo actually took a ton of stuff from that movie, go and see the original alien movie and take a look at the pelican like dropship, the black sergeant, the tank, and a host of other stuff.)

4. get good cg animation stuff, on the parts where their will be special effects all done with computers, (i dont know the lingo), do it right, spend the money, and make it look real,

5. This movie better be epic, like really epic, i want them to spend a fortune on this movie, even if their profit is tiny, this should be about the movie, not about the money, even thou it will be, but the halo fans are in this for their patriotism to the halo trilogy, we want something with a satisfying plot loads of special effects, an acurate and pleasing cast, and something where, when you enter the theatre, ur talking with ur friends, the movie comes on, you suddenly quiet down, you are imersed, you find yourself in the war, then the credits roll, and you walk out of the theatre and get in the car and you feel satisfied, like everything is just right.

I really want to see this movie and i want it to be good, so all the people working on it, take ur damn time and money and do it right.
That-Guy said:
4. get good cg animation stuff, on the parts where their will be special effects all done with computers, (i dont know the lingo), do it right, spend the money, and make it look real,

There should be only halo fans doing the special effects, true purists that will do anything exactly the way bungie did unless bungie says otherwise.
(It's not the money, that's just a bonus. It's insuring that the modelers, riggers, texturers, and animators have fun)
Also, I think a majority of the covenant close ups should be puppets and suits. I'm gonna be pissed off if I se an elite walk into the shot with overdone motion blur and bad, overly lightwaight movement. I want to see a real sence of scale and weight. Inverted/ double knees can easily be done, and they have no excuse for bad spacial effects. (it's friggin' weta!!! LOTR For god's sake!!!)
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i get what ur sayin, but i mean like when they do big things they have to be animated, like ships, and scarabs, i mean peter jackson did king kong didn't he, and u sure felt the sense of weight and reality in kong and those dinos, that scene was tight, and i hope the movies long like king kong cause it wud suck if they shrink it all to fit, i mean if they did like movie trilogy and did the entire first strike they would be a kickass movie, i always thought that nylund set his books up to transfer to film easy, but i'm sure they got something new cooked up
well you dont need to worry about the actor cause MC doesnt take off his helmate, use the origional voice. the alien movie reference is actually talking about the movie aliens( the second in the series
I agree about the actor..the guy who did transporter was good I thought..don't remember his name though...And the master cheif should never take his helmet off!!!EVER!!!!
Fox took over the Halo merchandising liscense, not the movie, although it seems like a good fit. Lets hope that it sticks.

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