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  • so i was checking out your gravity hammer build and it looks nice as well as all of the other props you made ad i was wondering exactly how did you get them to look so smooth especially the SMG
    I thought of latex but when the bottom jaw portion moves the latex wood as well, and it would make it look weird if I just took a piece of latex and connected it to the jaw rig. is there away to form the latex to my chin and neck so it would look and fit right. The biggest problem is that Ive never work with latex and would not know how to go about it. Ill search the forms and see if there is any tuts or something on latex unless you know how to work with it. oh and there was only on picture the link is the picture link the form is having some problems with links.
    hey I ran into a problem and I was wondering if you could help. Im working on a garrus vakiran (from mass effect 1&2) and I dont know what way to tackle this situation. I bought a bust of garrus head from a member but I haft to cut a portion off (the white parts only) of the bust so it can fit. I just dont know what to do about the brown portion or the neck area. I thought of using maybe latex or a hood of some sort but I want it to be a close to the pic as possible. I hope I was descriptive enough to make sense.
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