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    Helljumpers Project Warthog Bravo!

    Oh man this is so Kik Ass! I would donate if I had the money, but I'm already poor with my own project. You should try and get Bungie to be an official sponsor because then you would have an entire team of professionals (not saying that you aren't). Still keep up the good work!
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    US to Australian converions

    Wow great idea, it needs a bit more editing and then it should be stickied!
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    Vidmaster: Annual

    I'll do it again, but I would only be on next thursday-sunday. So if you catch me then my GT is DaSpartacus1
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    Machine Gun Turret

    The scaling is off but it is a beautiful piece of work. It would work for a doll. Can't wait for the scaling to be corrected!
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    Vidmaster: Annual

    Oh man I remember this. I hated it! We lagged out twice ,died a billion trillion time and had a noob who couldn't drive a ghost even if it was for recon armor. But we laughed it out. The most annoying part was when we go to the end and we were all celebrating and a guy says... I died. Over all...
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    Odst Armor

    Well, since I don't even have the pepakura I don't have to worry about it! But it is summer here and 80 Fahrenheit is 27 Celsius. So yeah. But thanks for the tip I will be sure to remember it!
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    Odst Armor

    I did not know that it had to be at the temperature to cure. That will help alot. I have been thinking about this whole thing and I was hoping to get the helmet atleast finished by this Halloween and have a black t-shirt and paints (maybe camo). It might not look good but it will look pretty...
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    Odst Armor

    Thank you for the help both of you! The only worry I have is the money problem. What is the cheapest way to do it. Since this is my first time i dont need the best results.
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    How did you find us?

    I was looking for a good costume making website for halo and googled and found you beautiful people who make the world go round!
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    Odst Armor

    I am thinking of making an ODST armor, since this is my first project I need help. My background on my computer is a very helpful source and i can also take screenshots on halo 3. But what I would like to know is if I should expect to finish it by this halloween or atleast have it ready for...