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  • seriously love your noble 6 build. my helmet is a little lacking at the moment, having a little trouble with bondo
    sweeet. I hope mine will turn out that good! xD Congratulations on the proposal btw! +I voted for you guys as cutest couple and gl on hopefully winning that trip to vegas! =)
    Everywhere I look on the interwebz i see your awesome armor! Im a huge fan of it and you've made me really want to paint my mark 5 armor yellow lol, it looks boss ! Anyway, great job on all of your armor, keep it up and we cant wait to see how your gears of war armor turns out!

    PS. was your yellow suit made via paper pepakaru ? If so, then i still have faith that mine can turn out well xD
    uhm ... hi i'm new to the site and was just looking around love your armor ^^ hope you had fun making it! anyways have a good one

    Saw the costume's and I love the Pink space marine with the Pink Cammo! How long have you been doing Cosplay cause you look like you got it down to a Tee, lol.
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