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    Tutorial: Pepakura building for dummies (or noobs)

    instead of glue, due to lack of funds and being a little lazy, i found that painters tape works quite well. it holds it together so it does the same thing as glue. but i was wondering if problems might arise later during fiberglassimg or any other stage?
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    metal armor

    i have a friend whos dad owns a cnc mill and hes offered to mill me one for 3 grand. 2,000 for metal and 1,000 for the huge amount of time it would take.
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    im 90% shure it was the robogenisis version.
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    can somebody help me out. i folowed the scale on this thread for the helmet. the first time is waaaay to small. the second and third time i did it i changed it by adding a few inches but still wont fit over my head. each time i spent well over 10 hours cutting a glueing them, and they looked...
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    Basic Beta Models by Robogenisis

    im having problems scaling the boot to my foot. i wear a size 14 shoe so im thinking that has something to do with it. becuase ether it will come out way to small for my foot or it will fit my foot but go up my leg way to high. im using the scaling formula using both my real hight and adding the...