Halo 3 - Covenant Weapons

Halo 3 - Covenant Weapons 1.4

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This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

Contents of zip-file:
  • halo-3-covenant-assault-cannon.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-3-covenant-type-1-energy-weapon-sword-foam.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown Unfolder: Queen of 405th Foam Unfolder: Pretzel
  • halo-3-covenant-type-1-energy-weapon-sword-handle.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-3-covenant-type-2-energy-gravity-hammer-a.pdo
    Modeler: Nintendude
  • halo-3-covenant-type-2-energy-gravity-hammer-b.pdo
    Modeler: Daniel Gray
  • halo-3-covenant-type-2-energy-gravity-hammer-b-foam-1.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown Foam Unfolder: vidofnir234
  • halo-3-covenant-type-2-energy-gravity-hammer-b-foam-2.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown Foam Unfolder: vidofnir234
  • halo-3-covenant-type-3-incendiary-grenade-firebomb.pdo
    Modeler: Garland
  • halo-3-covenant-type-2-spike-grenade.pdo
    Modeler: Garland
  • halo-3-covenant-type-25-carbine-spiker.pdo
    Modeler: Supertaco
  • halo-3-covenant-type-25-carbine-spiker-foam.pdo
    Modeler: Supertaco Foam Unfolder: Pretzel
  • halo-3-covenant-type-25-dep-plasma-pistol.pdo
    Modeler: ROBOGENESIS
  • halo-3-covenant-type-50-sniper-rifle-system-particle-beam-rifle-foam-a.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown Foam Unfolder: vidofnir234
  • halo-3-covenant-type-50-sniper-rifle-system-particle-beam-rifle-foam-b.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-3-covenant-type-51-carbine.pdo
    Modeler: DF4L
  • halo-3-covenant-type-51-carbine-foam.pdo
    Modeler: DF4L Foam Unfolder: Pretzel
  • halo-3-covenant-type-52-pistol-mauler.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
Art Andrews
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  1. Addition

    Added a second sliced Sniper Rifle unfold.
  2. Addition

    Added Covenant Assault Cannon.
  3. Update of multiple foam files.

    Added PDO for: Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword Type-25 Carbine (Spiker) Type-50 Sniper Rifle System...

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