Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - MJOLNIR Mark IV

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - MJOLNIR Mark IV 1.0

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This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

Contents of zip-file:

  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-biceps.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-boots.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-chest.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-biceps.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-forearms.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-gloves.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-helmet.pdo
    Modeler: A1TD
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-shins.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-shoulders.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-thighs.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
  • halo-forward-unto-dawn-mjolnir-mkiv-waist.pdo
    Modeler: Unknown
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Art Andrews
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This is a great model, and looks almost identical to the armor in the movie. Its a little less detailed, but it is hard enough. I love it! Thanks!
This suit turns out just like the pictures. I modified some of the pieces in Pep Designer, but overall it's a nice set.
Tenia poca confianza en el archivo pero después de ver como luciría terminado decidí empezar a hacerlo