Halo: Reach - UNSC Props

Halo: Reach - UNSC Props 1.2

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This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

Contents of zip-file:
  • halo-reach-unsc-armor-ability-module.pdo
    Modeler: JTM1997 Unfolder: MissingSpartan7
  • halo-reach-unsc-armor-ability-module-foam.pdo
    Modeler: JTM1997 Unfolder: MissingSpartan7 Foam Unfolder: Pretzel
  • halo-reach-unsc-data-crystal-chip.pdo
    Modeler: MissingSpartan7
  • halo-reach-unsc-data-storage-unit.pdo
    Modeler: Satchmo III
  • halo-reach-unsc-health-kit.pdo
    Modeler: HaloGoddess
  • halo-reach-unsc-health-kit-foam.pdo
    Modeler: HaloGoddess Foam Unfolder: Pretzel
  • halo-reach-unsc-medium-fusion-destructive-device.pdo
    Modeler: MissingSpartan7
  • halo-reach-unsc-reentry-pack.pdo
    Modeler: Satchmo III Unfolder: PerniciousDuke
  • halo-reach-unsc-sola-jetpack.pdo
    Modeler: Xhimpei
  • halo-reach-unsc-sola-jetpack-size-test.pdo
    Modeler: Xhimpei
  • halo-reach-unsc-tacpad-data-module.pdo
    Modeler: AshaZev
  • halo-reach- unsc-tacpad-foam.pdo
    Modeler: blackout11c Unfolder: NoMaybeYes
Printable Files
  • halo-reach-unsc-tacpad-base.stl
    Modeler: blackout11c
  • halo-reach- unsc-tacpad-part-1.stl
    Modeler: blackout11c
  • halo-reach- unsc-tacpad-part-2.stl
    Modeler: blackout11c
  • halo-reach- unsc-tacpad-part-3.stl
    Modeler: blackout11c
  • halo-reach- unsc-tacpad-part-4.stl
    Modeler: blackout11c
  • halo-reach- unsc-tacpad-part-5.stl
    Modeler: blackout11c
  • halo-reach- unsc-tacpad-part-6.stl
    Modeler: blackout11c
Art Andrews
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Reentry Unit

    Title says it all.
  2. Addition

    Added foam health kit and armor ability module.

Latest reviews

Very intricate, Just what I like in my builds.
Accurate and fairly detailed. A lot of hard work went into these so... 5 Thumbs up!