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1st. thing. ive been hearing about some halo 3 1st level at e3 but idk what exactly it is; the vid? or a demo they did. cus if its a demo...what no videos!? o_O
2nd. has anyone notice it says server 2 in unlocked [on Halo3.com] but its not letting anyone in!!!??? that aint fair. [course 100m ppl already got in probably] O_O
TheBlue said:
whoa! creepy. Hey, do you guys know how to post pics?

Upload to www.imageshack.us , copy and past the Direct Link url that should be the last box that show up after the image is uploaded. Paste the url into your post and then highlight it and click the Img button.

Thats it in a nutshell. If you need help with issues like this though, Pm me, other Moderators or make a topic about it.


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