2020 Con Report - 405th European Regiment

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405th Regiment Officer
Dear 405th Members,

as you might know, we sometimes have the opportunity to bring the European Regiment to a Convention and fill a booth with all our armors, props and general awesomeness.

Of course, we want to share our experience with all of you, so this thread is dedicated to Con Reviews and Pictures. We hope you enjoy.

To start this thread of, we have our Review of 2019, so you can see what we did the previous Year.

Also: Check out our 2020 Con Calendar to discover, what cons we'll represent the 405th European Regiment.

If you want to participate, or have an Convention, you want us to be at, feel free to contact 247District or TheCostumeGeek for further information.


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Con Report

: EpicCon
Where: Münster, Germany
When : 08.-09.02.2020
number of visitors: <12.000 (expected)

The Convention
First of all briefly about the EpicCon itself, the fair is an event for young and old where several worlds meet.
It combines the traditions of Japanese pop culture and the playful culture of the West.

You will meet photographers, manga and comic fans, board players, cosplayers, gamers and well-known voice actors from the listed beloved genres.

405th European Regiment at the Con
Like the previous years, we were invited to enrich the EpicCon with a stand and we gladly accepted this invitation.

We filled an area of approx. 20x5 meters with backdrops and props for photoshoots, a gaming area and a place where we crafted live.
Based on the tons of photos, excited and radiant faces of the visitors and their curiosity, which we diligently satisfied, we are sure that we have entertained the visitors well.

It was a wonderful weekend!
The 22 members who were on board resembled a large harmonious family.
We laughed, celebrated (yes, there was a birthday too) and cosplayed like mad.

Great pictures and video recordings were created by spontaneous ideas and great photographers. We also met many familiar and new faces. Some members could shine with their new armor and costumes, which they debut at EpicCon.
From assembly to dismantling, we enjoyed every second and the time went by in a flash.

The storm "Sabine", which caused concern on Sunday, left all our members undamaged. With a little delay, due to road closures and permanent train cancellations, the last members reached their homes safely on Tuesday.

Not easy to put into words, I can only add:
... with you again anytime!

Videos :

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-09 at 11.33.19.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2020-02-09 at 11.32.42.jpeg
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