2022 Christmas Spirit Challenge

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Tis the season for a little healthy competition!

For the month of December, Division is challenging each unit (Regiment and Battalions) to do good things in your community. Each unit that participates once will get a 405th Division flag like we had at Outpost Discovery. And each time a unit participates in an event and provides me with the deets you get the unit's name entered in to win a full set of Regiment flags. More events completed means more chances for your unit to win!


These events do NOT need to be in costume, although we highly suggest whenever possible to wear 405th logo'd merch. Those that participate also do not need to be deployed and do not need to be full members of the Regiment/Battalion, but they DO need approval from the RCO and must be participating with those who are full members. Family of full members are also welcome to participate if the situation permits but must be approved by the RCO. You must have a minimum of 3 full members of the unit participating. If you are in an area that has no other 405th near to you but you wish to participate, let me know and we'll see what we can figure out. The point of the minimum is so that this is a group challenge whenever possible, but I don't want to eliminate anyone who wishes to join in simply because of their location.


These events must be giving back to the community. They do NOT have to be Christmas related. Suggestions for events are: volunteering to help a children's charity with wrapping of gifts, volunteering at a homeless shelter to help serve a holiday meal, volunteer at an animal shelter, reach out to a seniors group and volunteer to shovel sidewalks, challenge your members to donate a bunch of items to something like Goodwill etc and all go at the same time to drop the donations off etc. etc. etc. The whole point is finding ways in your community that you can give back while spending some quality time with your fellow 405th family. This time of year has a million ways to do that.

Keep in mind that we do not handle money, so it cannot be events where you are collecting money. Absolutely though if you want to join up with a charity like the Salvation Army etc. and help out while they are raising money is totally fine.

Make sure you clear the event with your RCO so that they know what's going on. If you are unable to reach the RCO/RXO/RMO (it is a busy time of year for everyone), just message me and we'll figure this out!


Take lots of photos and post them in this thread once you have completed each event as your entry for the draw! Make sure to have at least one photo that includes just those participating so that we can use them on social media without needing to blur out children etc.


In conjunction with this, we will be doing a pre order for flags. That pre order will open shortly in the next week or so and will be open until early in the new year. You will be able to order a full set of flags if you wish at a discounted price, or each flag separately if you just want your Regiment flag etc. We're leaving it open so that anyone participating in this challenge that wants a full set of flags but the unit doesn't win can order after the drawing. We know that this time of year money is tight with so many things going on so we also wanted to give people as much time as possible to be able to purchase.

Any questions, please let me know!
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