24 Hour Team Firefight!


Who wants to try and survive a 24 hour firefight with me? I've been playing a lot of firefight (Particularly Halo 3 ODST), and I've always wanted to try and last a full 24 hours of combat. This will be an incredibly difficult challenge, but with adequate practice, good teamwork, and plentiful caffeine, this could be an incredible accomplishment. Once a date has been reserved, we will need to discuss which map to use, which weapons each of us will specialize in, and coordinating our defenses. If you're up for the challenge, then let's get to work!

Hein B287

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24 hours sounds like an incredible long slog. I'v played some that lasted an hour, maybe even 2. Is it just for fun or something for a livestream?


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I know I could do it in Reach, but ODST is an entirely different beast. I might still be interested though, been a while since I've done a long slog in Firefight.


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God this makes me wish modding tools were wrapped up as the amount of quality firefight maps and experiences that could come from it would be amazing for a stream idea like this.

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